Construction icon "R-12"

The "R‑12" icon means that the embossing of a design or the color of the Garaga garage door is available for our doors with an R‑12 insulation factor.

The R‑12 construction consists of a layer of high-pressure injected insulating polyurethane foam and two layers of galvanized steel with a woodgrain finish (Steel + Polyurethane + Steel).

This type of door is available with the Acadia 138 model and has a thickness of 1 ⅜".

Construction Icon R-12

Example of an R‑12 panel construction

  1. Polyurethane insulation acts as a thermal break to prevent transfer of cold or heat
  2. InterlokTM joints block air infiltration for superior thermal insulation
  3. Wood end blocks are one of the most effective thermal breaks
R-12 Panel Construction
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