Why we recommend Garaga

At Mortland Door Systems, we know excellence when we see it. After many years of installing and repairing garage doors, we have realized that GARAGA garage doors are the best available products on the market. Garaga’s doors are the most durable and well-built. In the garage door manufacturing business since 1983, this company focuses on great customer service. It stands behind its products by offering a limited lifetime warranty on most of its garage doors.

As part of its great customer service, Garaga created its Garaga Experts network. Customers can count on the fact that these professionals have proven they have the needed experience and training to install GARAGA garage doors correctly. In addition, all Garaga Experts have built a reputation for reliable, quality service. At Mortland Door Systems, we are excited to be part of this exclusive network of professionals. We will make sure your next garage door is beautifully designed and perfectly installed. We know you will love your new GARAGA garage door!

GARAGA garage doors are your best choice:


North America sees its share of bad weather. From winter storms to torrential rain, a new GARAGA garage door can handle it all! These doors are built with better insulation than any other door on the market, which keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The thermal breaks prevent the cold and the heat from entering your home. To see just how well GARAGA garage doors function, watch our performance videos. You won’t believe how energy efficient they are!


As for durability, no other manufacturer makes doors that are as solid and long-lasting. Each one of their products undergoes rigorous testing. This quality control means you can rest assured your door will be well built, exceeding all of your expectations. Garaga uses only the best possible materials, which ensures your next garage door will last for years to come. If your dream garage door is one that will provide you with functionality and durability, you won’t be disappointed with Garaga.

Design and Style

Homeowners want a garage door that is durable and well insulated, but what they really crave is a beautiful final product. Our experts can help you design a picture‑perfect garage door. Garaga has a wide assortment of garage door models, which can suit any home. Modern, country, contemporary… Garaga has a door to meet your needs. Are you looking for a door that will add that final touch? Garaga lets you customize your door! Add decorative hardware or designer windows to make your door exceptional. And with their top-quality paint finish, your door will be beautiful for a long, long time.

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